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We provide Friendly and Professional Computer Technology Support for Small Business and Home Users.
These days computer systems and personal device networks become ever more complex to set up and manage and there just isn't enough time available to work it all out yourself.  We can help you optimise your existing computer setup, get all your devices connected securely, fix any issues, or design a new solution that works perfectly for your needs now and into the future.



Setup New Device

We Can Help You Get Connected 

If you have just bought a new device the task of setting it up can be difficult.  We can help you configure your settings for your own individual needs and ensure you get the best out of your new machine.  These days everyone needs an IT professional to help them on their way.

Wireless Networking

Need Help?

Setting up a Wi-Fi Network correctly can be a complex task.  Are you having problems with your Wi-Fi network or do you have a new device you want to connect? You may play video games and have NAT problems with your PS4.  We can get all your devices connected securely.  If you are a small business considering a Wi-Fi network we can design a cost effective solution to fit your needs.

General Support

What We Can Do

If your computer system is having problems or slowing down we can help you.  We can also help with computer recovery, data transfers, hardware and software upgrades.  If your system is down we aim to get you up and running as fast as possible.  Need help configuring a new device or connecting to social networks? We can assist you.


We want to hear from you at Small IT Solutions. If you want more information or need our help contact us now.

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